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Below please find information to advertise on our Alaska-Info Server.


Alaska-Info advertising information

Our Alaska-Info pages are mostly visited by people who are
seeking for information about Alaska as holiday destination.

That is why we can offer an especially good advertising result for
companies which are dealing with alaskan tourism or tourism in general, for example:

  1. tour operators
  2. car rentals ( car, mobile home/rv, caravan/house trailer
  3. travel agencies
  4. accommodations (hotels, b+b, lodges)
  5. airlines (airtaxis, charter, helicopter)
  6. shipping lines
  7. real estate agencies
  8. and more

Certainly all other advertisings are also welcome.

We ( and so will you) will be found:

Our Alaska pages, which are the most extensive and biggest within the german internet,
will be found in all importent (german) search catalogues and search engines

Ranking (Search term 'alaska') - Updated: 15.01.2005 :

  1. Google: No 1
  2. Yahoo : No 1
  3. Lycos: No 1 / 3 times in Top 10
  4. Web.de: No 1 / 2 times in Top 10
  5. Msn-Search(beta): No 1/ 3 times in Top 5
  6. Abacho: No 1 / 2 times in Top 10
  7. T-Online: No 1 / 2 times in Top 2
  8. Acoon: 1 times in Top 10
  9. Altavista.de: No 1 / 2 times in Top 10
  10. Msn: No 2/ 2 times in Top 10
  11. Fireball: No 2
  12. AllesKlar : 1 times in Top 15
  13. Sharelook: 2 times in Top 20

Here you can find what the media says about us and which awards we already got.

Nowhere else within the german internet you are able to
introduce your services or alaskan products more efficient and flexible.

That is why you should be informed about our favorable advertising opportunities
at our Alaska-Info pages (beside banners we shortly may offer you advertisings like ads in the newsletter,
postcard sponsering or differnet advertising levels within our travel agencies/tour operaters-listing.

Please contact us at: ed.ofni-aksala@gnubrew

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