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Titel: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
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McCandless, ein junger Mann aus den USA starb tragischer Weise nahe McKinley Park, nachdem er in die Wildnis wanderte um dort vom Lande zu leben. Ein von Author Krakauer geschriebenes Buch wurde nun von Sean Penn in Alaska verfilmt. Im Buch und im Film wird gesagt, dass McCandless durch Vergiftung von oertlichen Pflanzen, nicht durch eigene Dummheit verstarb.
In Alaska ruft McCandless, ..... speziell da man immer noch ueber ihn redet und nun nach einem Buch auch einen Film ueber ihn machte, eher Empoerung hervor.
Dermot Cole ist seit ueber 10 Jahren ein unabhaeniger Reporter fuer die Fairbanks Tageszeitung "Daily News Miner".
Sein Name wurde eigendlich dadurch bekannt, dass seine Artikel ueberdurchschnittlich gut nachgeforscht und ohne Vorurteile geschrieben sind.
Ich habe seinen Artikel nicht veraendert, ausser dass ich die Webseite der Universitaet Fairbanks in den Artikel eingesetzt und 'quarter' in Hinsicht auf Geld im Artikel zu '25 cents' umgetauscht habe um schlecht zu verstehende finanzielle Ausdruecke leicht verstehbar zu machen.
Die im naechsten Abschnitt kopierte Stellungnahme erschien im Fairbanks Daily News Miner am 25. August 2007 und ist eine indirekte Antwort auf Sean Penn's Film 'Into the Wild'.

Titel: Re: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
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McCandless died not from ‘innocent error,’ but from failing to prepare for wild.

By Dermot Cole
Staff Writer
Published August 25, 2007
It’s a shame that with the movie version of “Into the Wild” about to debut, the book of the same name still contains a major error that author Jon Krakauer should have corrected a million or so copies ago.
Krakauer wrote that 24-year-old Chris McCandless died in 1992 not from starvation, but because he made the “innocent error” of eating the seeds of wild potatoes.
Because he was eating “toxic seeds,” Krakauer claimed, “McCandless discovered that he was suddenly far too weak to hike out and save himself.”

The problem is that Krakauer based this version of McCandless’ final days on evidence that has been known to be false for a decade, but the author never bothered to update the book.
“Conclusive spectrographic analysis has yet to be completed,” Krakauer wrote, adding that “preliminary testing” by Professor Tom Clausen at the University of Alaska Fairbanks indicated that seed pods Krakauer collected from near the bus where McCandless died contained a poison.

“If true,” Krakauer wrote, “it means that McCandless wasn’t quite as reckless or incompetent as he has been made out to be. He didn’t carelessly confuse one species with another. The plant that poisoned him was not known to be toxic — indeed, he’d been safely eating its roots for weeks. In his state of hunger, McCandless simply made the mistake of ingesting its seed pods.”

“A person with a better grasp of botanical principles would probably not have eaten them, but it was an innocent error. It was, however, sufficient to do him in,” Krakauer writes.

In April 1997, the News-Miner reported that extensive testing had shown that the seeds Krakauer delivered to the University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists were not poisonous. Krakauer should have revised his book at that time.

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Titel: Re: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
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I’ve written about this issue a few times over the years, but the question has never attracted attention Outside.
Now, for what may be the first time, a national magazine has picked up on Krakauer’s error.
In the September issue of “Men’s Journal,” writer Matthew Power touches on some of the harsh realities of the McCandless story as recognized by people who live in Alaska.

Power visited the state this summer and interviewed me, among many others.
I told Power that I have a lot of sympathy for McCandless and his parents, who must still be suffering. I was once 24 and I have a son who is almost that age.

It makes no sense to romanticize the young man’s death, however, or to suggest that it was something other than a lack of preparation that did him in.
“To sell the story, they’ve made it into a fable,” I told Power. “He’s been glorified in death because he was unprepared. You can’t come to Alaska and do that.”

Power is correct when he writes that McCandless “has entered the realm of myth and myths are shaped by those who can make use of them.”
Krakauer has portrayed McCandless’ failure to carry a map, bug dope, good boots, sufficient food, a decent rifle, an ax and other basic supplies not as proof of exceptional foolishness, but, of his intention to “give the wilderness a fair shot.” The author ascribed to McCandless a level of caution in picking out plants to eat and avoid that is strikingly at odds with his carelessness.

Choosing to interpret the story that way makes a more gripping and more profitable venture, both on the page and on the screen. It is not the complete picture of events, however.
Tens of millions of dollars are riding on the film version, the trailer for which portrays McCandless as a latter-day Thoreau “searching for himself,” a tried and true American character.

Power said that while Krakauer showed two sides of McCandless, “the hapless tenderfoot and the enlightened eternal seeker,” Penn’s movie deals exclusively with the latter.

“His McCandless is almost Christ-like. It is a deeply mythic take on a character who is largely a cipher,” Power wrote.
Penn made it clear he has no patience for those who don’t share his romanticized portrait of McCandless, Power wrote.

“There are few people in Alaska who have done anything comparable to what Chris did,” Penn told Power. “We’re not talking about a week with another buddy and ATVs, hunting. This was 113 days, 79 of them by choice. And he did pretty damn well.”

Had McCandless prepared himself, he would have done much better. His story would not have led to a book and a movie, but he might have survived.

On page 162 of Krakauer’s book, he writes that the heaviest items in McCandless’ pack when he walked off the Parks Highway were nine or 10 paperback books, ranging from books by Thoreau and Tolstoy to Louis L’Amour. McCandless was not a “literary snob,” the author wrote.

Krakauer’s conclusions appeared to be based on what was found at the bus off the Stampede Trail, 25 miles west of Healy.
Fairbanks climber Jeff Benowitz said, however, that Krakauer was wrong. Benowitz left the books in the bus, the January before McCandless died, the Fairbanksan said.

He said that before he attempted a 200-mile ski/climb on Mount Brooks that winter, he picked up a pile of books from the Salvation Army and the transfer station, making his selections not on literary value, but because they were free or priced at 25 cents.

Sean Penn told an interviewer from Outside magazine that filming at the actual site of the old bus on the Stampede Trail was out of the question. He said it would have been “kind of a rape of the area to have a whole crew there.”
The producers acquired a similar bus from Fairbanks and had it hauled to a site a few miles from Cantwell for filming the bus scenes last year.

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Beitrag von: Peter_Kamper am 08/31/07 um 09:25:11
Aus Copyright-Gruenden und da ich Dermot Cole wirklich als einen der bestinformiertesten Reporter im Innern Alaskas bewundere, moechte ich nochmals ausdruecklich erwaehnen, dass der gesamte englisch geschriebene Artikel aus seiner Hand stammt, auch wenn nur meine E-Mail auf der linken Seite auftaucht.
Dermot Cole kann unter erreicht werden.
Die eigendlich sehr interessante Tageszeitung "Fairbanks Daily News Miner" findet man unter


Titel: Re: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
Beitrag von: admin am 10/25/07 um 22:22:30
Sean Penns 'In die Wildnis' in Rom gefeiert

Riesenerfolg in Rom für Sean Penns neuen Film «In die Wildnis»: Mit seiner ersten Regiearbeit seit fünf Jahren ist dem Amerikaner eine wunderbare Hommage an die Natur und das Leben gelungen, die bereits als eines der Highlights beim zweiten Filmfest am Tiber gewertet wird.
Die Zuschauer dankten es dem Filmemacher mit minutenlangem Beifall. Acht Monate lang drehte der Oscar-Preisträger («Mystic River») mit seinen Protagonisten unter oft extremen Bedingungen in den Weiten Alaskas... mehr: [url][/url]

Titel: Re: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
Beitrag von: Baumjoe am 11/22/07 um 17:56:12
Tach zusammen,

habe natürlich auch das Buch gelesen und war fasziniert. Die Infos aus dem Tageszeitungsartikel den Peter zitierte waren mir so nicht bekannt.

Der Film soll in Deutschland am 31.1.2008 in die Kinos kommen.



Titel: Re: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
Beitrag von: eulalia am 02/02/08 um 10:41:24
Hallo zusammen,
habe gestern den Film gesehen. Ich muß ehrlich sagen, ich habe selten einen Film gesehen, der mich so berührt hat. Hier ist Sean Penn mit seinem jungen Hauptdarsteller ein gutes Werk gelungen. Der Film besticht nicht nur mit wunderschönen Aufnahmen aus Alaska und vielen Teilen der USA, sondern zeigt, wie konsequent ein junger Mann alles hinter sich läßt und den Traum der Wildnis erleben will. Ob er nun  letztlich aus Dummheit oder giftigen Pflanzen gestorben ist, spielt bei diesem 145 Min Film keine Rolle. Habe mir jetzt bei Amazon das Buch bestellt.

Titel: Re: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
Beitrag von: jschaetzlein am 02/04/08 um 19:30:19
stimmt - letztlich ist es doch vollkommen irrelevant weshalb er gestorben ist. die angebliche wahrheit macht ihn auch nicht mehr lebendig und uns auch nicht schlauer...

aber wir sollten ihm so oder so respekt zollen, denn
"We are not talking about a week with another
buddy and ATVs, hunting. This was 113 days, 79 of them by choice. And he did pretty d**mn well."
um es mit den worten von sean penn auf den punkt zu bringen !

jon krakauer ist bekannt für licht und schatten in seinen literarischen werken. aber er hat die geschichte von chris mccandless zu papier gebracht und damit erst das ganze wieder in die köpfe der menschen zurückgeholt.

und nichts ist schlimmer als in vergessenheit zu geraten...

Titel: Re: McCandless - 'Into the Wild'
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Alaskas Natur war sein Schicksal. Schon lange vor Sean Penns Film "In die Wildnis" wurde der tragisch gescheiterte Aussteiger Christopher McCandless zum Idol verträumter Jugendlicher. Seine Zuflucht, ein rostiger Bus, avancierte zum Pilgerziel - die Einheimischen freut das nicht.